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Mathew Masinge, H-Metro Reporter

SOUL Jah Love’s family on Wednesday warned vultures eyeing the late chanter’s estate as well as those set to profiteer from his new and unreleased music that court summons are coming.

Family spokesperson and brother to the liberation hero, Solomon Musaka, said the singer’s estate will be determined by a Trust.

Solomon Musaka

Soul Jah Love, who died after diabetes-related complications on February 16, le behind vehicles including a BMW X5 and two residential stands (one in one of Harare’s leafy suburbs and another under a cooperative).

Carol Musaka

Musaka said those who have begun selling Chibaba’s music online should forfeit proceeds to the family.

“The family has engaged a lawyer who will be handling all business to do with Soul Jah Love’s music.

Family members

“A legal channel will now be followed to register a Soul Jah Love Trust whereby an executor will be appointed to lead a foundation that determines his legacy,” said Musaka.


He said all those holding unreleased material or who released new stuff shortly after his death should approach the family for guidance.


“The family has agreed that anyone holding copyright material purported to be of our relative must be brought to the attention of the family.


“No one has approached us so far so we assume what people have heard are only rumours from local producers,” he said.


To date, Sunshine Records, Passion Java Records, Fyah King  Production and individuals have releasing Chibaba’s new stuff , with others uploading his music online.  e family is also praying for a memorial service in the form of a bash.


“Traditionally, we have to host a memorial service for Soul Jah Love after 30 days and we are having it on a date to be announced in Prospect, Waterfalls.


“Our only wish is to have the Covid-19 lockdown regulations eased further to allow multitudes of his fans to pay their final respects.


“The family is open to having a gala organised by local promoters at a bigger venue,” he said.

According to Musaka, the family disposed of the Ndini Uya-Uya singer’s clothes and property to his siblings and close friends as per tradition.

Since the singer had no spouse or child, proceeds of the chanter will also be shared amongst his siblings. Close friends of Soul Jah Love who were staying with him at the time of his death have since left the Msasa Park residence.

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