Bruce Chikuni in JOHANNESBURG

WILLARD Katsande feels Warriors interim coach, Jairos Tapera, should come up with a plan to stop Bafana Bafana playmaker, Themba Zwane.

The two teams meet in a World Cup Group C qualifier at Free State Stadium today. 

The game starts at 6pm.

Katsande, who is also a former Warriors skipper, has enough knowledge about South African football having played in the domestic Premiership for more than a decade. 

“I consider (Hugo) Broos the most tactical coach that we have in Africa and South Africa did a good job to hire that man.

“He doesn’t just throw his players on the field, he’s very strategic, there’s always purpose in his moves and that’s why he has made Zwane his point man in the final third. 

“For us to win against South Africa, we have to stop Zwane, but I’m not suggesting that Tapera should assign someone to man mark him but he should have a genuine plan to cut their supply line so that he doesn’t get much of the ball.”

He added:

“I still can’t believe that we lost to Lesotho, of all countries, I don’t mean this to disrespect the Crocodiles but it shows their football is going somewhere. 

“We made schoolboy blunders and we paid the price and, from my understanding, with the little quality which they have in their squad, they forced us to make those mistakes.

“South Africa will punish us more because their quality is way better than Lesotho and we cannot afford to stick to the same game plan because we are playing against a tactical coach who is blessed with skilful players at his disposal.”

Katsande also urged players, who have had a feel of South African football, to share their knowledge with Europe-based players in the Warriors squad. 

“I spent the better part of my career in South Africa and one thing, which we cannot take away from their players, is their tactical awareness.

“They are very skilful and quick, something which those players in our camp, who have experienced Mzansi football, should be sharing to those European based players.

“As players, you don’t need to be told everything by the coach because we need to equip each other with all the available information for you to be on the same page when the moment comes,” he said.

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