‘Water a national crisis’

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‘Water a national crisis’ Enock Mupamawonde


Shalom Manguni, H-Metro Reporter

HARARE CITY COUNCIL says water woes are compounded by the current dynamic trends in the market place where they are buying chemicals from suppliers at interbank rates.

Council said it needs 11 chemicals for treatment and purification of water due to high levels of water contamination.

Speaking at a combined Harare Residents Association Metropolitan Workshop, Deputy Harare Mayor Councillor Enock Mupamawonde said when it rains, all the domestic and industrial waste will be collected to Lake Chivero thereby contaminating raw water.

“The contamination requires a number of chemicals to an acceptable standard.

“Over the years, Lake Chivero’s capacity has been slowly dropping due to siltation caused by activities upstream which include streambank cultivation and general soil erosion among other factors coupled by the ever growing population in the City which the current water cannot sustain,” Mupamawonde said.

Deputy Mayor Mupamawonde said there is need for sustainable solutions towards addressing the perennial water woes in Harare.

“We can only overcome these challenges if we come together and come up with constructive solutions to the problems.

“As it stands, the City is supplying water to over four million people from a source that was first established as a recreational park.

“I am happy that Government has accepted to include the long awaited Kunzvi Dam on the 2020 budget as a long term measure to curb for water in the capital,” he said.

He added:

“We need to continuously be looking for more water sources to meet the demand of our ever increasing population.

“We need to move fast in the construction of Musami Dam and construction of a dam at Mupfure River is another option that needs serious consideration.”


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