Water crisis hits Harare

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Tariroyashe Goredema

HARARE City Council needs US$2.8 million to procure chemicals needed for water purification.

Harare is experiencing water shortages due to shortage of foreign currency used to purchase water purification chemicals.

In an interview, Harare mayor Hebert Gomba said Harare will not have adequate water supply until further notice due to Government’s economic situation.

“We need chemicals to treat our water and the government is financially unstable.

“The chemicals are bought in foreign currency and our Government is struggling so we have to hang in there until further notice,” said Gomba.

The Governor of Reserve Bank John Mangudya released US$150 000 for chlorine gas leaving a balance of US$2.8 million for water treatment.

“The (Reserve Bank) Governor released insufficient funds and we can’t process water until we have the funds,’ Gomba said.

This comes as most suburbs in Harare suffered water crisis during the Easter holidays and are set to undergo another week without water as the Council is insolvent.

The capital is fighting its worst water crisis as thousands of households in Harare have spent more than five years without water due to broken and antiquated equipment and infrastructure.

The mayor urged Government intervention for water treatment process to occur.

“If the Government does not help us, the water works will dry up and we cannot afford that tragedy.

“Water chemicals have to be bought so that we won’t shut down our machinery as well,” said Gomba.

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