Water supply to improve

29 Oct, 2020 - 10:10 0 Views
Water supply to improve Engineer Daniel Makenzi Ncube (left)


Karen Mhlanga, H-Metro Reporter

The water supply around the city will improve once the newly acquired water equipment is put in place, an engineer has said.

Engineer Daniel Makenzi Ncube said this during the delivery ceremony of water equipment acquired by the Government at Warren Control Pump stations adding that the President (Mnangagwa) wanted to have first-hand information and a thorough appreciation of what was going on.


“It’s important to increase the supply from Lake Manyame, so that it can actually dilutes the supply from Lake Chivero.


“The supply from Lake Chivero, you know how contaminated it is, if you dilute it, it means the number of chemicals you use is also reduced which is a plus for the city.”


He added:


“The other problem which was identified was the pump at Warren Control where we are today, which is a problem because this is also the nerve centre for the supply and distribution of water for Harare.


“The current intervention that is happening will ensure that all 14 pumps are up and running.


“We will have more pumps working here so that there is sufficient water or at least reasonable supply,” he said.

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