We are cautious: Mangwiro

24 Mar, 2020 - 11:03 0 Views
We are cautious: Mangwiro Taurai Mangwiro


Blessing Malinganiza, Sports Reporter

TRIANGLE coach Taurai Mangwiro says right now it’s business as usual in pre-season training while waiting for the executive to decide.

Football has been suspended world over because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Right now we just finished our session. At the moment we are counting with our preparations, waiting for guidance from our leadership.

“We stand guided by what the authorities of the club say.

“But we have been making awareness to the players, just sharing what the virus has done and how best we can help ourselves in containing it.

“So we are taking precautionary measures, we are very touched and sorry about the deaths and the people who are infected and those who have lost their loved ones.

“And we just pray that soon that there will be a containment to the deadly virus,” he said.

Mangwiro says he fears fatigue for his players.

“No one saw it coming and if anything we were ready for is the start of the season but since it’s something that has affected everyone world over.

“We just have to respect the decision that was taken and we will try as much as possible to maintain the fitness levels of the players.

“At the same time praying that the players don’t get tired before the start of the season that is why I said we want to stand guided by what authorities at the club will say,” he said.

He added:

“As with the authorities at PSL and ZIFA, that’s how I want to look at things.

“Everyone is staying positive, hoping that soon normalcy will return and we will conduct our business but at the moment we just have to take the necessary precautionary measure and ensure that we are doing.”



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