We are in this pandemic together: Ngwerume

21 Sep, 2021 - 12:09 0 Views
We are in this pandemic together: Ngwerume David Ngwerume with a piece of work titled 'In This Together Africa'


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

PROMINENT sculptor David Ngwerume reckons its high time Africans unite and share love during these trying times of Covid-19.

The 40-year-old feels the pandemic needs unity and love.


Ngwerume shared his thought in his latest sculpture titled “In This Together Africa”, which has since been uploaded on his social media handles.


He has been carving thought-provoking sculptures for the greater part of the Covid-19 induced lockdown addressing current issues.


These ranges from vice, violation of women’s rights and some of the need to embrace the Covid-19 pandemic and its vaccination.


And his latest sculpture “In This Together Africa”, he nailed it again.


“…Lord you are the shoulder we cry on, shelter us as Africa through this covid-19 pandemic.


“Lord since you said utmost times our greatest strengths are birthed in such darkest days, but if we have no guts there shall never be a united Africa in this life.


“If our faith is in vain we shall be no legends and there shall be no story about us.


“Lord your favour has always set me up the mountains to yearn unto you as my motherland Africa remains lagging behind with more guns than food,” he said.


Ngwerume who doubles as a lawyer urged people to keep working hard all the time.


“Never waste away your thoughts on those who do not have faith in hard work for their ineptitudes have always slowed them down.


“Keep rolling in faith knowing that responsibilities begin with actions never try to profit the world whilst you lose your soul.


“Keep moving towards my higher purpose knowing that it is not the answers that enlightens but the questions.


“Never think that you are too small to make a difference, remain courageous for it only takes one to understand that there is something more important than fear.


“Remember you are in this situation to change it, so sacrifice shall take you there, I am with,” he added.


Ngwerume, who believes in innovation, is a firm believer of hard work and focus.


Despite his busy schedule, he has remained on the top carving beautiful sculptures.


He mainly tackles contemporary issues through his works which have made him a darling for many.


Ngwerume has vowed to use his talent as an artist to address issues haunting contemporary societies, especially vice and immorality.





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