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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

ALICK Macheso’s camp yesterday hailed their two weeks’ tour of South Africa as a timely ‘pain-killer’ they badly needed.

The star-studded outfit, which returned home on Tuesday after lunch, held two sold out gigs on their first week in Joburg and Germiston, creating more demand.

Tich Makahamadze

Although Macheso was only supposed to hold a double in Gauteng province, Zimbos resident in Cape Town wooed the revered entertainer to the Mother City where he staged another family show last weekend.


It was indeed a successful tour weeks tour of South Africa that reunited Baba Sharon and fans, according to his camp.

Alick Macheso

Speaking to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle after their return, Orchestra Mberikwazvo publicist Tich Makahamadze said they badly needed to entertain the live audiences after months of inactivity.


“Both the band and fans were hungry for this show and it simply came at the right time after we last performed in South Africa two years ago.


“The response was amazing and we have also learnt how best to organise show during such times of Covid-19 where regulations need to be religiously followed.


“Of course we have been holding virtual show back home but there is something magical about the live audience.


“Now that we are home, we are still hungry for me because we would have anticipated a massive welcome party back home,” he said.


Makahamadze, whose camp is unquestionably the biggest crowd pullers in Zimbabwe, said they were monitoring the situation before they could resume live shows.


“Our case is a bit complicated when it comes to holding live shows because we are the biggest crowd pullers.


“A small party will end up attracting hordes of fans so we will be consulting the authorities on how best we can interact with the fans.


“We are now more than hungry for shows but we the situation back home requires us to be more vigilant and observant,” he said.


He however said the camp would not stop rehearsals for both their 12th album and festive season shows.


“As one of the biggest bands in Zimbabwe, we can’t afford to starve fans of new stuff on the market because we have learnt how to adjust to this Covid-19 pandemic.


“We have been recording the 2021 album with the hope to beat the festive season deadline that we have given ourselves.


“Finer details will be advised in due course but production is in progress with all the band members in high spirit,” he added.


Fans have been anticipating Macheso’s return to stage along with other crowd puller likes Jah Prayzah, Winky D and the Charambas in gospel circles.


In recent weeks, other small bands like Peter Moyo, Baba Harare along with a host of mbira  and jazz outfits have been jamming in some of the capital’s upmarket venues.


Joint owners have been observing the Covid-19 restrictions even though it hard to control drunken imbibers who end up violating the health rules to contain the deadly virus.


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