‘We are poor as musicians’

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 ‘We are poor as musicians’ Tatenda Whizzla


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Bindura based hip hop artiste, Tatenda Whizzla, says there is power in music to propel development but they are poor as artistes.

The singer, who has been in the industry since 2014, boasts of four albums and mixtapes.


In an interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, he said:


“I was inspired by the desire to change communities through music.


“I discovered that music is a powerful tool for community development.

Tatenda Whizzla

“We can address various social and health problems through music by facilitating the spread of information.


“We are just poor because we don’t have resources.”


Whizzla has a number of singles including called Zimbabwe and Witness Matema which were released in 2015 and 2016 respectively.


“The two songs had a decent airplay on Zbctv and I have worked with Taurai Mandebvu and Briss Mbada.


“This time I have released DIC (Dance Inna Di Club) a collaboration with dancehall chanter Elazman,” he added.


To his credit, Whizzla has songs like Zimbabwe ft Alfa Romz released in 2015, Witness Matema (2016), Nguva Iya (2018) and DIC featuring Elazman (2021).


“I have worked with Cypher, Decarpo Dayz, Kings, Phreshy, Moguana, Reemzy, Slick Styles,


“As an artiste I have discovered that my major challenge is the lack of resources.


“Availability of resources will ensure that we put up a good marketing campaign at the same time providing quality music audios and visuals and we will be able to access the necessary equipment.


“Promoters should also look into upcoming artists and try to focus on them to create a better and competitive industry,” he added.


Whizzla bemoans the Covid-19 period which he says has badly affected them.

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