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8 August 2018

NGEZI Platinum player Michael Charamba has warned newboys Nichrut ahead of their clash at Baobab on Sunday.

“Nichrut should expect a tough game from us because we are not going to give in easily.

“We want to collect maximum points. Morale in camp is high and we want a win. So the boys are ready to win this one,” he said.

He added: “We believe we have what it takes to be in the title race and some people might want to think otherwise.

“We just have to prove ourselves and try to maintain the form we were in when the season started.

“But this game is important to us because this is the beginning of our journey for the title.

“Each game we play is important to us, we want to make sure that when the season ends, we will be at a better position or maybe champions, who knows.

“We know that Nichrut also wants to win this game because they have been struggling a bit but that will not stop us because we also want to win and we are not intimidated by them.

“We are ready for this game, we urge our fans to rally behind us. It will be an easy game, but we don’t want to take chances.

“It’s better for us to take the three points so that everything will look brighter on our side,” he said.

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