We deserve a chance: Magaya

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We deserve a chance: Magaya


29 October 2018

PROPHET Walter Magaya says he deserves a chance to solve an HIV/AIDS problem that is predominantly African as the world always looks up to the developed countries for solutions.

He said by having a clinical licence, he should be allowed to join others from the continent to find a solution.

“You can tell from the debate and comments that a majority of us only believe in medication that comes from the western countries. Those who follow developments in medicine are aware that Africa is rich of medicinal plants but we allow the Western countries to take over and take all the glory.

“HIV/AIDS is virtually an African problem and the developed world is not under pressure to have it fixed yet they would have found a cure by now had AIDS ravaged them. So I am saying the world should respect Africa for trying to solve this problem. We deserve a chance just like the numerous chances we give those from developed countries.

“And my words are very clear, anyone who takes our supplements is told not to stop medication.”


Below are some facts from DoSomething.org that show that HIV/AIDS is indeed an African challenge more than any other continent.

  1. Out of the 34 million HIV-positive people worldwide, 69% live in sub-Saharan Africa. There are roughly 23.8 million infected persons in all of Africa.
  2. 91% of the world’s HIV-positive children live in Africa.
  3. More than one million adults and children die every year from HIV/AIDS in Africa alone. In 2011, 1.7 million people worldwide died from AIDS.
  4. Since the epidemic of HIV/AIDS, more than 75 million people have contracted the illness, and over 36 million have died from an HIV-related cause.
  5. 71% of the HIV/AIDS-related deaths in 2011 were people living in Africa.
  6. Due to an insufficient supply of antiretroviral drugs and health care providers in 2010, only 5 of the 10 million HIV-positive patients in Africa were able to receive treatment.
  7. Because of HIV/AIDs, the average life-expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa is 54.4 years of age. In some countries in Africa, it’s below 49.
  8. The HIV/AIDS epidemic has drastically slowed the economic growth and social development in Africa, because hundreds of thousands of people are unable to work or receive an education.

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