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11 June 2018

Tonderai Ndiraya

NGEZI Platinum surrendered top spot to FC Platinum at Baobab on Saturday and coach Tonderai Ndiraya believes the battle is still on.

It was Ngezi who scored first before FC Platinum came back strong to win 2-1 to go three points clear at the top.

“We just have to solider on, we just have to respond in our next match,” said Ndiraya.

They had gone into the game depleted, missing a number of key players.

“Of course you always want to have your strongest squad but there is nothing we could do about it.

“We have a good team, strong squad. I thought the replacements did well today. I thought we gave it all in the first half.

“In the second half we did put the foot off the paddle and allowed FC Platinum to dominate us and as a result they got those two important goals,” Ndiraya said.

Ngezi have lost two back-to-back matches.

“It’s quite difficult mentally but it has to be done. It’s us who put ourselves in this situation and it’s only ourselves who can take ourselves away from the situation.

“A strong mentality was needed and I thought that was lacking today, so we will talk to the boys and do something about it but we are sure that we can bounce back in our next game,” he said.

Defender Keith Murera was disappointed.

“In the second half, we lost concentration in the last minute, we literally went to sleep on the wrong hour.

“We had our opponents under control and then things changed in the blink of an eye. The worst defeat ever. I think we couldn’t manage the game properly.

“I think we were thinking of going in the offensive zone instead of defending so it was tough for us,” said Murera.

Asked on what he thinks of FC Platinum, he said: “FC Platinum are not really a strong side, it was only just that today we did not manage our basics.

“As we were home, we were thinking of attacking instead of defending and I think FC Platinum capitalised on that.

“We lost to a better team today through some blunders. Going forward, I think we have to manage our game when we are leading.”

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