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9 July 2018

ASSOCIATION of Rural District Councils president Killer Zivhu said Zimbabweans must work for each other and sacrifice the little they have for the survival of others.

ARDC, a department which falls under Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social welfare, over the weekend donated groceries, school fees and uniforms to the Mhlanga Family valued at US$1 200, aimed at assisting two disabled children from Tambawakachenjera Village in Chipinge.

Handing over the goods, Zivhu urged Zimbabweans to work together and help each other while offering a job to the two children’s father so that he could take care of their needs.

“We should help each other, we all belong to one country so we should be in a position to sacrifice the little we have.

“We should not only help people from our home area but we should stretch our hands to all the parts of the country.

“We should not have borders when it comes to support each other,” he said.

He added:

“We need to develop our country and charity begins at home.”

He also appealed to the Government to fully support the department of Social Welfare as it addresses the welfare of less privileged people.

“The Government should intervene and finance our projects so that we can conduct our services properly.

“We want to encompass many privileged people in our country regardless of background.

“I am an aspiring National Assembly member for Chivi South but look I was in Chipinge over the weekend.

“I learned about their situation after a reporter from ZBC reported on the main news and it touched me, I even failed to eat.

“We should not have blinkers harnessed on our minds but we should be flexible and ready to help.

“I am supporting the nationalistic approach of our President Emmerson Mnangangwa,” he said.

Zivhu implored the Ministry of Education to support disabled children.

“The two boys can’t walk but they have improvised a way of squatting as a way of movement.

“They both attend school at Nyaukutu Primary School which is 2km away from their home.

“The Ministry of Education should improvise a way to help these special children.

“I think they also need special toilets and even transport.”

As way of helping the situation, Zivhu offered the father a job at his company so that he can fend for them.a

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