‘We should access local tv networks free of charge’

Tanaka Mahanya

ZIMBABWEANS should be able to access all local television networks free of charge, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister, Kindness Paradza, has said.

He called on stakeholders in the media sector to take part in the procurement of set top boxes to complement efforts which have already been made in the drive to digitalise television broadcasting in the country.

“This is a lucrative business, in which you can bring and sell set top boxes.

“We want to make sure that all Zimbabweans watch local television, not if only they have DSTV.

“Television networks should broadcast free to air,” he said.

He said the boxes will ensure that the licensed broadcasters air on a free to air basis as opposed to being hosted by other players such as DSTV.

“During the first phase of the digitalisation drive, we imported 50 000 set top boxes but welcomed other willing players who want to take part in the value chain of the set top boxes through importing the set top boxes for resale in the country.

“We will fully support the initiative to include other players to import the set top boxes as the market in the country has a huge potential for growth with over two million television sets present in the country,” he said.

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