Gamuchirai Bhachi

YOUTH Empowerment, Development and Vocational Training Minister, Tino Machakaire, has pledged to work with stakeholders to end substance abuse and to report those supplying drugs.

Speaking during Africa Youth Day, which ran under the theme “African Year of Human Rights: Towards Agenda 2063” yesterday, Min Machakaire also promised to fund projects for the youth in the country through Government initiatives.

“Due to the loss of youth to drugs, the Government has a technical team to ensure that those who supply drugs are arrested.

“Government’s funding will help all the youth across the country, and not only those in urban areas.

“Africa Youth Day serves as a platform to highlight the achievements, resilience and the potential of millions of African youths and their role in driving socio-economic progress in the country.

“When it comes to drugs and substance abuse, it is one of our serious problems and there is a committee that is trying to make sure that substance abuse ends.

“It is our job and your job to report those who are supplying drugs,” said Minister Machakaire.

He warned the youth on the dangers of leaving Zimbabwe for so-called better opportunities, saying that the country can only be built through teamwork and support by its citizens.

He said the Government needs ideas from the youths on how to develop the economy, and also encouraged stakeholders to help the youths attain basic needs.

“Government, civil society organisations and all stakeholders must prioritise the protection and empowerment of youths, ensuring that they have equal opportunities, education, healthcare and inclusive participation in decision-making processes,” he said.

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