‘We will uphold Govt ban’

26 Mar, 2020 - 16:03 0 Views
‘We will uphold Govt ban’ Charles Pintec


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

KADOMA based dendera musician and preacher, Charles Pintec, says they will uphold the Government directive which restricts public gatherings of over 50 people.

Pintec, who recently launched his latest album titled New Curriculum, said he would take the break to record a song on Covid-19.

He leads Royal Family Synagogue in Kadoma has become one of the regular performers during services.

Despite being affected, Pintec said he was a law-abiding citizen who is ready to embrace the Government ban on public gatherings.

“We are upholding the ban by the Government as a church because even the Bible tells us to honour those our leaders and Governments because they were put by God.

“We are holding services on cell group levels, our congregants are encouraged to meet up in their respective cell groups of less than 50 people to avoid large gatherings,” he said.

Despite his demanding pastoral duties, Pintec said he had something for his music fans.

“As a musician, I am in the studio recording a song on the Covid-19 pandemic to raise awareness and to support Government efforts on the deadly disease.

“I will also use other platforms like social media to push the music on Covid-19 awareness; with the social media, it’s easy to disseminate information because we are using all our platforms to raise awareness,” he said.

Pintec said he would also use his influence as a preacher to change people’s lives.

“As a church leader we have about an hour to educate people on the Covid 19, it will be a question and answer.

“The Bible says in Hosea 4 Vs 6 my People Perish for the lack of knowledge.

“Congregants are very supportive in curbing the spread of Covid-19 because they understand that it’s real and deadly.

“Currently, they are also putting it on their WhasApp statuses and trying not to be in public places and gatherings.

“We have a church office where people come for information as well as payment of their tithe and offerings.

“’Those who come for ‘One on One’ sessions, are those with critical matters who are sanitised first before we see them but basically for now one on ones have been suspended till further notice.”

On his message to Zimbabwe during the trying times, Pintec added:

“My Message to Zimbabweans is that Covid 19 is real so let us exercise extreme hygienic caution.

“Also let us not spread negative information that melts people’s hearts. Let us continue united and be peaceful bearing in mind that the Bible says everything shall come and pass.”

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