Wedding bells for TV star. . . Lovers now living together

13 Jan, 2022 - 00:01 0 Views
Wedding bells for TV star. . . Lovers now living together Lee Ann Bernard with her fiancé Lincoln “Mhofu” Benyure


Latwell Nyangu

TELEVISION personality Lee Ann Bernard says preparations for the wedding with her new love Lincoln ‘‘Mhofu’’ Benyure are now underway.

She recently posted her engagement with Mhofu on social media.

This however, earned her a backlash from respondents who labelled her a “hubby snatcher.”

The attacks have seemingly not moved the couple, with Bernard saying wedding bells were already chiming.

She said they had since moved in together.

“We have moved in together after the engagement announced by Punchstar Entertainment News Twitter Page on Saturday evening.

“Yes, a wedding is set in a couple of months’ time,” she said.

Asked if Mhofu broke up with his ex-lover, who has been hounding her on Twitter, Bernard said:

“His break-up was never my business. I told him I have nothing to do with his past, so we never discussed heartbreaks.”

The matter has divided the social media community.

Those opposing the union started their campaign when another woman, with a username @ministermjolo, claimed to be Mhofu’s lover and attacked Bernard on Twitter.

There were some people, among the respondents, who sided with the television personality while others attacked her. She maintained all this would not affect her plans with her lover.

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