Weight gain won’t stop my dream – model

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Weight gain won’t stop my dream – model


19 April 2018

Commercial model and actress, Gina Mutemeri, said she will not be deterred from pursuing her modelling career despite gaining weight.

The 22-year-old beauty, who appears on covers of different fashion magazines and billboards said she believes she still has what it takes to fulfil her dreams.

“As a model, I feel I need to be a testimony to my fellow peers that gaining weight is not the end of your career.

“There is a general conspiracy in the global modelling industry, Zimbabwe included, that thin models are the ones who have what it takes in the industry.

“Whenever female models start gaining weight they tend to lose their confidence and stop pursuing their career path but I feel that should come to an end.

“I have nothing against slim models but I feel modelling is not only about appearance of an individual but also the aura that they have.

“When I started doing professional modelling, I weighed 48kgs. I am now in my 70s but I am still as confident and much more experienced than ever.

“I still have the height, beauty, smile and charisma so weight cannot deter me,” she said.

Despite being proud of her body size, Gina said she was still watching her body, keeping it in shape.

“There is a big difference between a model who is gaining weight or losing weight out of negligence and a model who is losing or gaining weight but still keeping her body in shape.

“Now that I have gained weight, my focus now is to keep my body in shape.

“I believe I am still in shape that is why I still have corporates and pageants endorsing me for branding deals,” she said.

Gina also went on to shower praises on yester-year model Mercy Mushaninga for introducing Miss Curvy beauty pageant.

“We still have a long way to go with regards to how our institutions depict an ideal model but I feel a lot is also being done by different authorities in reshaping this distorted view on models.

“One of the women whom I would really want to pay tribute to is Mercy Mushaninga. She came up with the Miss Curvy beauty pageant and from that time we saw a lot of ladies with curves doing modelling.

“She also does the Zimbabwe Models Awards where models with different weight sizes are honoured in different categories,” she said.

Apart from modelling, Gina is also a television actress who has featured in different films namely Camouflage and Deception.

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