Well done Feli Nandi, keep shining

FOR some time now, we have come to know that Feli Nandi is a very special musician.

She has been getting better and better and, on stage, she is just amazing.

Her fan base has been growing across the country and more recruits of fans are being lured into her corner, charmed, of course, by her beautiful music and awesome performances on stage.

Her partnership with the organisers of the Doek and Slay concerts have given her a platform to play before huge crowds, on a regular basis, and reminded her that she needs to keep upping her game.

This is a very brutal industry and one minute you are on top and the other minute you are down.

What the industry demands is consistency and artists who put in extra shifts to ensure that they keep producing quality music, which keeps appealing to the fans and also doing well whenever they get a chance to go on stage.

On Saturday night, at the Harare International Conference Centre, Feli Nandi was handed a huge challenge at the Redefined Concert.

It was a huge challenge because she was the only female singer in the heavyweight line-up, which had Jah Prayzah and Winky D.

The huge attendance also meant that there was additional pressure to deliver and she did just that with a performance for the archives.

They are calling her the lady-of-the-moment when it comes to our musical industry and for a very good reason too.

It’s not easy that a musician, who is in essence a supporting act, gets the kind of rave reviews which Feli is getting after the beautiful performance at the HICC on Saturday.

From the moment she first appeared on the stage, with a 19-piece band, to the moment she ended her set, she was just amazing.

This is what we want to see from our musicians, where their performances and the music that they produce, makes the headlines.

The headlines should not be created by negativity but the positive things which they are doing and Feli is travelling on the right path.

The fans sang along as she played some of her hit sings and it was very clear that she has a special connection with them.

It was easy to tell that she is putting a lot of effort into her work and she really values the fans.

She knows that without the support, and appreciation, of the fans, all that she is doing will count for nothing.

She is now a role model for the other female artists who must pick priceless lessons from how she is managing her business.

She is showing them that they should be fearless and, even if they are thrust among heavyweight stars like Winky D and Jah Prayzah, they should not be afraid of the challenge.

Instead, they should embrace the challenge, the way she did, and show the fans that the ladies are also worth supporting and celebrating.

Well done Feli and just keep shining.

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