PASTOR Charles Charamba and wife Olivia are currently in the UK ahead of their performance at Keel Hall in Staffordshire tomorrow. They were invited by Yeukai Washe to England where Pastor Charamba will be celebrating his 53rd birthday. Yeukai, who shares the birthday with Pastor Charamba, turns 40 on the same day. H-Metro’s Trust Khosa (TK) had a chat with Pastor Charamba (PC).


TK: How do you feel being reunited with your fans in the UK?

PC: It’s been a while, we are excited and glorifying God. The feeling is mutual because some fans had missed us for a long time as well.

TK: What are you promising your fans during this tour?

PC: It’s going to be an honour to minister to others on that day. I will celebrate alongside our host. I will, therefore, be humbled to share the day with others.

TK: How do you celebrate your birthdays?

PC: Usually, I do so in some sort of seclusion, when I take time to reflect on my life journey, communing with the Holy Spirit for leadership. I normally spend time at home with my family and they are used to giving me the space that I always require.

TK: How did you link up with Yeukai Washe?

PC: We used to fellowship with her in the same church though we congregated in separate settings geographically. However, she was much younger. She has grown to be a musician as well.

TK: How do you rate her as an artist?

PC: She is a budding artist and warming up to her style. We will share ideas, pray with her and try to figure out how best we can assist her as she grows.

TK:  Your message of hope to Zimbabweans working hard in the diaspora?

PC: Zimbabweans in the diaspora are a critical component of us as a people. We have become a common ecosystem and can’t do without each other. Every family member, who toils outside the country, needs our prayers and encouragement.

TK: When was the last time that you visited the UK and what was the occasion about?

PC: We last visited the UK in 2013 where we held concerts in Leicester and Coventry.

TK: After this tour, what’s next as far as international tours are concerned?

PC: When we accepted this event a month ago, we were sure that the timing came close to a moment when we would be reengaging with our fans globally both in terms of new music and live performances. We had intentionally scaled down.

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