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A NUMBER of stakeholders have welcomed the reappointment of Kirsty Coventry as Minister of Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture.

The Zimbabwe Olympic Committee CEO, Marlene Gadzirayi, said: 

“We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Honourable Minister and her team to advance the Olympic movement, foster sports excellence, and promote the values of unity, friendship, and fair play that lie at the core of the Olympics.

“We are even more strengthened to have her leading this important Ministry as we look towards Paris 2024. 

“As ZOC we believe the streamlining of the Ministry will ensure that sport is given its rightful place as a profitable industry and we are grateful for this timely recognition.”

Premier Soccer League chairman, Farai Jere, said:

Farai Jere

“We are very excited with the reappointment of Dr Kirsty Coventry to the Ministry of Sports.

“If you look at it, Dr Coventry has already gone through what is called the learning curve. 

“She really understands what is needed in various sports, soccer included. So, that experience, if she was reappointed to another Ministry, was going to be a waste of a five-year experience.

 “In football there are some certain reforms which she was trying to push. So, it’s very good that she is going to complete what she has started, what she really wants to see football look like, what she expected from football.”

Sports and Recreation Commission board chairman, Gerald Mlotshwa, said:

“I am extremely pleased that the Minister has been reappointed by His Excellency. 

Gerald Mlotshwa

“The decision to realign her portfolio so that it’s largely focused on sports is also a very good one. On behalf of the SRC I wish to congratulate her and assure her that our excellent working relationship will continue as we strive to deliver on our mandate.” 

Zimbabwe National Karate Federations president, Joe Rugwete, said:

“We are happy because it is during her tenure that we were supported as we formed our association to comply with the World Karate Federation statutes.

“This is something that was very difficult to achieve previously but during Kirsty’s tenure we managed to explain our case and we managed to get registered.

“Secondly, during her tenure we were able to host Southern Africa in Regional games, and we received great support from the government.”

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