WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED, SAYS BUSINESSMAN MUDIWA . . . pledges to boost partnerships with ambitious young businesspeople

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BUSINESSMAN Mudiwa Hood says his partnership with ambitious young Zimbabweans, who want to venture into business, is just starting.

Last week, he partnered with a graduate biochemist to help grow her medicinal soap-making business.

The woman, who recently graduated with a biochemistry degree from the University of Zimbabwe, had gone for an interview for a receptionist’s job at Mudiwa’s office.

Instead of employing her, Mudiwa offered to sponsor her and help grow her company, which specialises in anti-fungal herbal soap.

The interviews attracted more than 500 candidates.

He interviewed everyone and has since selected 30 successful candidates who will start work next month.

“This is just the beginning of my partnership with young Zimbabweans who want to plunge into the world of business,” said Mudiwa.

“It’s never easy to start a business, there is a lot that is demanded from you and if you don’t get help, at this stage, then you are doomed.

“Among my interviewees was a recently graduated biochemist who wanted a receptionist job.

“Of course, I did not give her the receptionist job, I asked to partner her and sponsor her.

“She makes medicinal soaps, specialising in anti-fungal herbal soap.

“It cures any infection to do with fungi, so it can cure skin problems, so I am going to sponsor and grow this business.”

He added:

“It is easier said than done, some people were saying ‘just screen them while they are at home’, while all the candidates were saying give me a chance and I will prove myself.

“I did my best under the circumstances, and those who do not make it now, we now have records kept of them and we will refer some of them to my colleagues and others will be for future vacancies at my companies as they have been interviewed already.

“I will not share any pictures from the candidates that came, this is real life and the approach is different.

“We interviewed everyone, and gave every one who came a chance, 95 percent of the interviewees were very impressive and ready to take on the world and there were also some exceptional candidates that wowed us.”

Before the interviews Mudiwa extended an invitation to young businesspeople who joined him on the interviewing panel.

Among them were award-winning businessmen and CEOs, Dr Henry Dandadzi of Interpath Laboratories, Realty Microfinance and Interpath Construction, Tatenda Samkange of Skylake Boreholes and Crystal Fencing, and Tinashe Mupingo of Platinum Island Energy.

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