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. . . water floods Buririro houses

Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

A NUMBER of families in Budiriro Extension on Sunday had a sleepless night following rains that left their houses flooded.

Houses built on wetland were flooded and residents failed to cross a stream to the nearby CABS houses for safety.

One of the victims, only identified as Mukwena admitted that they got the stands and settled at the wetland unaware of the effects.


“Tarara takabatira ura mumaoko mvura yararira kunaya uye kuchipenya zvinotyisa,” said Mukwena. “One of my neighbours was supposed to go for work, but he failed because of the flooded stream and the two bridges we used to rely on were swept away.

“We are to blame for this surely; this is a wetland but shortage of residential stands left us under the mercy of land barons.


“We paid in order to settle here, but look at this.

“Our blankets and clothes have been soaked and the walls are shaking that if it rains again tonight we will be in trouble.

“Some of our neighbours are still locked in their houses due to the national lockdown restrictions,” Mukwena shouted, standing across the river.

Council spokesperson Innocent Ruwende warned parents and guardians to properly look after children who risk being swept away by flowing water or drowning.

“These people should look after their children very well as they might end up drowning,” he said. Government is on record urging desperate home seekers to engage City of Harare and be on the housing waiting list and shun land barons. A number of land barons have since appeared before the courts over duping desperate home seekers

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