We’ve lost hope: Bamusi

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We’ve lost hope: Bamusi Phineas Bamusi


Rest Mutore, Sports Reporter

CAPS United midfielder Phineas Bamusi says he has lost hope that football will resume this year due to a continued surge in Covid-19 cases.

“Truly speaking hope is fading with each passing day. I have lost hope. We have lost hope,” said Bamusi.

“At first I thought it is just a phase and we will bounce back to play football again but it’s proving otherwise.

“The (Covid-19) cases are continuing to rise and we are also recording deaths which means going back to the pitch is a risk. A risk to us the footballers, everyone involved and the country at large,” he added.

The speedy attacker said he has even scaled down training since there is no a clear picture from football chiefs to keep them motivated.

He said this does not only apply to him but a number of players, including the coaches.

“Let’s face the reality here. There is no clear picture as to when football will come back. We can’t depend on rumours yet we are key stakeholders and expect us to remain motivated.

“As footballers we need constant communication on the way forward but that has not been happening. So in as far as I am concerned, I have scaled down training compared to what I was doing when the lockdown started. Two days per week is now for me now.

“This is the situation with everyone though we are bound to keep on training since we are professionals to avoid being caught grounded,” he said.

Bamusi said it is ‘wishful thinking’ to believe that football will be played this year.

The 2019 Soccer Star of the Year finalist said local clubs have no capacity to meet all the demands of Covid-19 regulations to guarantee safety of players and everyone involved.

“We might keep on believing, but I think it’s for nothing. We won’t play football this year. It is wise to start preparing on next season and make sure we are prepared when that time comes.

“The clubs have no capacity to meet all what is required to be in place by the health authorities. To ensure that everyone involved is safe unless it’s a case of taking risks.”

Bamusi said it will be suicidal to emulate other countries who have resumed football the Covid-19 enforced halt.

Apart from European leagues, Tanzania has managed to complete the football season while Zambia is currently underway.

South Africa’s Absa Premiership is set to resume on August 8, however, after extensive preparations.

“We cannot be see rejoicing because other countries are resuming. It’s because they have the capacity which is a different situation with us here.

“And we can’t take risks just to be like them knowing very well that we might be brewing a disaster,” said Bamusi.

He said what is important at the moment is to focus on the future and continue playing a part in reducing the spread of the virus.

“To me what is important now is to just do everything to avoid the spread of coronavirus and look ahead. We have been stuck home with no hope since March and that’s something we have to adjust to and accept.

“Of course as a professional, you will be watchful on everything that involves your career,” he said.




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