We’ve lost our way: Murape

25 Nov, 2022 - 00:11 0 Views


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REAL Betis Academy coach and former Dynamos player, Murape Murape, said the quest to win games all the time has seen clubs and coaches sacrificing player development.

He believes there is a lot of short-term planning in domestic football and this affected key junior development structures.

“Winning in itself is not inherently a bad thing,” said Murape.

“Indeed, I think winning is a very important thing for all aspiring athletes.

“But, it seems to me that many academies, clubs and coaches have sacrificed player development in favour of winning games.

“It is my view that this short-term thinking has jeopardised the longer term development of individual players and teams, hence our Premiership football is not exciting anymore.”

Murape believes that a number of academies have diverted from the ultimate goal of developing players.

“Most people who get into grassroots football will always say that the development of a player and a team is their number one goal.

“However, watching many of the academies, clubs, and coaches around Zimbabwe, for the past several years, this concept seems to have fallen by the wayside in favour of instant success.

“But, the entertainment and future of local football are found in youth development,” he said.

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