WHAT A CHEEKY GIRLFRIEND. . . she introduces herself to lover’s wife

Milicent Chasinda

A CHEEKY girlfriend decided to introduce herself to the husband’s wife.

Nicole James even had the temerity to do it at Judith Damiyasi’s home.

And, as if that was not enough humiliation, Judith has now been ordered to vacate the home, where she has been staying for the past six months, by her landlord.

Judith decided to apply for a peace order against Nicole, arguing she couldn’t take this level of abuse anymore.

She told the Harare Civil Court yesterday that she was tired of being insulted by Nicole.

“She came to my house and introduced herself as my husband’s girlfriend.

Anoti ndakamunokora tsoka saka akauya nasisi vake vakatora ivhu pamba pandinogara.

“Now, the owner of the house has given me a notice to vacate the house I have lived in for six years,” said Judith.

Magistrate Mandlenkosi Ndlovu granted the application and ordered Nicole neither to visit Judith’s house nor insult her in any way.

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