Petros Kausiyo

JUST over three months after FIFA sealed his ZIFA fate, Felton Kamambo wants Zimbabwe SUSPENDED from the world football governing body AGAIN.

Kamambo claims the Sports Commission have reneged on one of the conditions, which led to the lifting of our suspension, and now wants FIFA to intervene and help nullify his ongoing case at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts.

He faces charges of criminal abuse of office emanating from his continued use of the ZIFA letterhead while on suspension by the SRC in 2022.

Kamambo is fronting his colleagues in the ousted board, who include Philemon Machana, Bryton Malandule, Stanley Chapeta and ex-chief executive Joseph Mamutse.

This is despite FIFA stating that the appointment of the Normalisation Committee was done without prejudice to the matters that were before the courts.

In his letter to FIFA, on October 22, Kamambo wrote:

“This seeks to inform that the SRC, acting together with the National Prosecuting Authority have insisted that the criminal charges levelled against the then General Secretary (Mamutse) and four members of ZIFA will not be withdrawn.

“This is against an understanding between ourselves, FIFA and SRC that the SRC had withdrawn criminal charges against                                                                                                   us.

“A letter purportedly withdrawing the case penned by SRC chairman Gerald Mlotshwa to the NPA copied to ourselves, however, was unclear on the real intentions of the SRC.

“As a result, we were formally advised in court by the NPA that the matter was not going to be withdrawn.

“We are aware that the decision made by the Bureau of Council was arrived at on the basis of false information by the SRC as has now been confirmed in our last court appearance on the 3rd of October 2023.

“We, therefore, formally advise FIFA Council that this condition for reinstatement remains unmet and that SRC deceived FIFA into this decision.

“Under the circumstances FIFA is forced to rescind its July decision until all the conditions have been met.

“You will note we had agreed with FIFA to step aside to allow our football a chance to come back in circumstances our term of office still had a year to running.

“We agreed to this decision and never challenged it for love of our game and to protect the negatively affected football economy.

“On hindsight and in light of the current developments of our continued persecution, we submit that this will need a relief by FIFA.”

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