Faith Mandizha

THERE is always drama in Olinda Chapel’s love life.

And, the surprise appearance of Stunner at her recent birthday bash, has triggered speculation the two might be reviving their romance.

This has sent social media into overdrive.

Olinda recently celebrated her 40th birthday.

“Happy birthday to the incredible woman who fills my world with love, laughter and beautiful memories,” said Stunner in his post celebrating Olinda’s birthday.

Many have been questioning how Tytan, Olinda’s husband, is feeling in the wake of the chemistry between his wife and Stunner.

And, to make it worse, Sean Chapel, who is Olinda’s son, has allegedly issued a warning to both Tytan and Stunner to stay away from his mother.

He has even challenged Stunner to a fight.

“Stunner I have told both of you guys twice to leave my mother alone, no one listened, you’re excited right now, different girls everyday, shisha, drinks, dates, Mjolo lifestyle, what more can you ask for, that’s why your girl from SA wanted me.

“Anyway, I’m not one for chatting, no one wants to listen, let’s do it the old-fashioned way (with our hands) until we are tired.

“I won’t say it again, leave my mother alone,” reads part of Sean’s post.

The explosive situation has revived interest in the Olinda/Stunner/Tytan soap.

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