WhatsApp messages lead to divorce

20 Apr, 2018 - 15:04 0 Views
WhatsApp messages lead to divorce


20 April 2018

A KUWADZANA young couple divorced after the husband came messages of his wife chatting with other men in a WhatsApp group.

Tendai Chirova was in a WhatsApp group which was full of sex workers and other men who are well known in Kuwadzana as womanisers.

Denver Mandara who is Tendai’s husband said he came across porn videos and images in the latter’s WhatsApp media folder and wanted to see who had been sending his wife those messages.

“I wanted to move some pictures from her cellphone to my phone and that’s when I saw porn videos and images and I had to go to her WhatsApp messages to see where she was getting all this stuff

“I then saw the group chat named ‘Anhu Acho’ and I saw a lot of dirty messages in that group,” he said.

Denver said he was still shocked by his former wife’s conduct as he trusted her.

“I was shocked that she had chats like these, and also most of the men in the group are those well-known womanisers here in Kuwadzana.

“I was hurt because I knew that all this wasn’t happening on WhatsAapp but she must have slept with one or two of those men while I was at work because most of the times I will be working out of Harare,” said Denver.

Denver also said that he once got rumours that his wife was cheating on him but he didn’t take them seriously.

“After I saw the messages I confronted her saying that if she had nothing to do with these people then how did they get her contact and why didn’t she exit the group, that’s when she confessed that she had an affair with one of the men,” he added.

Denver then told his wife to leave and not come back to his house.

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