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Chioniso Mashakada, Sports Reporter
NEWLY promoted Gweru-based WhaWha are prepared for the league to start despite facing challenges to raise their affiliation fees.
WhaWha raced against time last week to register their squad but have to wait for the top-flight dance due to coronavirus.
They have managed to register fourteen players who have been with the club lower division while they have been boosted after registering season players like Lameck Nhamo, Simon Shoko and Evidence Tendayi from FC Platinum on loan.
Other notable faces are King Nasama formerly ZPC Kariba and Nyasha Gurende from Chicken Inn.
Club’s secretary-general Innocent Makoni told H-Metro that the preparations are in order even though they still have a number of things to cover.
“We started preparation earlier than most clubs. Our recruitment went according to plan despite affiliation challenges. We had friendlies with clubs in the lower divisions and the technical team was satisfied with the progress only to be stopped by Covid-19 lockdown.
“We are hoping that one of our coaches Luke Jukulile who had intended to move away to MSU before we were registered will reverse the decision. However, we have cover in the form of one Mr Takaendesa former Technical director with Zifa.
“Our target is to aim for the championship at the first attempt if it is too difficult for us we hope to be in the middle of the table far away from relegation.
“Whawha FC have financial problems but some problems we can cover up in order to fulfil matches but it’s still work in progress looking for partners who can assist us with fuel, and accommodation issues and many other football costs like winning bonuses,” he said.
On the Covid-19, Makoni said it is an advantage to them as they will have enough time to put things in order.
“Covid-19 is regarded as a saviour here because the delay to start of the league due to Covid-19 enabled us to register at last. However, the team is receiving technical training programme on social media.
On the other hand, he described the pandemic as a disadvantage as they are not able to facelift condemned Ascot stadium,
“The lockdown has stopped us to partner Gweru City Council to renovate Ascot stadium. Hope to start soon after lockdown where we will move in our technicians once it is safe to do so,” said Makoni.

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