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Edwin Nhukarume

ZIMBABWE Spinners Association (ZISA) president, Shingirai Kupara, says they are holding a wheel-spinners’ battle to raise funds to help the youths who are abusing drugs.

Dubbed “Battle of The Towns, H-Town vs Chi Town”, the event will be held in Chitungwiza, at the Aquatic Complex, on October 8.

Speaking to H-Metro, Kupara said it was high time people should offer solutions, rather than just condemning drug abuse, without any practical antidote to the problem.

“We have noted that people, and some certain movements, are just talking against drug abuse without offering any plan to alleviate that problem.

“This is the challenge we have at the moment. Our aim, with this gig, is to raise funds to help the youths affected by drug abuse,” he said.

Kupara revealed how they will use their funds to help the youths affected by drug abuse.

“We are going to start by helping two youths, from the funds we would have raised.

“The youths say that the main thing that leads them to indulge in drugs is the lack of sources of income. 

“We have talked to some of them, who are willing to start some small projects like having car wash places, and tuck shops.

“Some of the things they want to do only cost a few dollars like US$50 or US$100, to start,” he told H-Metro.

Some of the wheel-spinners, who will be at the event, include Team Ghost, Kudzie, Goofa, Stylo Motors, Team Ice and guest spinner Team Fat Cat.

There will also be entertainment activities for children, such as waterslides and jumping castles.

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