Why does this old man hate, and hurt, Khama?…BITTER, BORING BARKING BLOKE

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Why does this old man hate, and hurt, Khama?…BITTER, BORING BARKING BLOKE Mlungusi “Professor” Ngubane


FINALLY, those who defend Khama Billiat have responded and labelled Mlungusi “Professor” Ngubane a bitter old man whose vicious criticism of the Zimbabwean is personal and pathetic.

Ngubane has been criticising Billiat for the last two years.

He has even labelled him an age cheat while questioning his earnings as he battled his way at Chiefs.

In recent days, the legendary footballer has again been shooting bullets towards Billiat, who is yet to score in 11 games this season.

Ngubane has made wild accusations about Billiat not sleeping enough, partying all night, and being an age cheat.

This has infuriated those who know Billiat closely.

One of them is Warriors team manager, Wellington Mpandare.

“Does he (Professor Ngubane) realise how damaging it is to make accusations that Khama is an age cheat?

“What proof does he have?

“Only a failed coach who is not even a professor can make such comments.”

He added:

“To make accusations that Khama doesn’t sleep is nonsense because Khama is boring when it comes to sleeping.

“I have worked with Khama for more than 10 years and what I know is that he loves sleeping more than any other player in the squad.

“Khama and Divine Lunga are the heaviest sleepers in camp, and this is not because they ever go out but because that is how they are.

“They both enjoy their rest.

“So, for this old man to suggest Khama is not sleeping borders on misinformed opinions.

“Has this Ngubane ever worked with Khama to suggest he doesn’t sleep enough?

“This would have carried weight if it was coming from Pitso Mosimane or Arthur Zwane and not an old man who failed as a coach and is now looking for relevance.”

Mpandare said Ngubane had no right to question Billiat’s earnings.

“To question Khama’s earnings shows that he is a bitter old man looking for relevance because he has never earned such money in his life.

“Whatever it is that Khama is earning he deserves it because he never robbed anyone.

“At 2019 AFCON in Egypt, Khama had so many offers coming through me from Zamalek, Al Ahly and Saudi Arabia which were better than what he was getting in South Africa, but he decided he wants to stay at Chiefs because he has a bond with South Africa.”

He added:

“This old man is a failed coach and should do research first on Khama before uttering anything on all these allegations on him.

“He is a bitter old man who earned peanuts and now wants to find relevance in pushing down Khama because he knows Khama has a big profile.

“Maybe this Professor wishes he was Khama and earning what Khama is earning but unfortunately there is only one Khama.

“This man is a frustrated failed coach and so shouldn’t be making such noise about a player he has never worked with or met.” – Sports Reporter/KickOff.com


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