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7 August 2018

SOCIAL media users have expressed different views following the arrest and denial of bail for controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

Chivayo is in remand prison facing fraud and money laundering charges over the $5 million he got from Zimbabwe Power Company for the Gwanda solar power project.

Chivayo, who is also believed to be a close associate of former President Mugabe’s family, as he has posted different pictures on social media with the Former First Lady Grace Mugabe and her sons, got sympathy from Chatunga Mugabe.

Chatunga twitted ‘Free My Bro Wicknell!


However social media is awash with users who are celebrating the arrest.

He’ll be out before ED’s inauguration. @tapiwaDEMO

It’s a stunt so that everyone would think kuti they are serious about tackling corruption. @NdiAshely

Chivayo pliz kna zvri zveshuwa fira mujeri namkoma wako gumbura kutu wemunhu. @denga_jay

He has that Obert Mpofu smirk on his face all the time. Can’t stand his arrogance. I’m sceptical though that this will come to nought. Government drags it’s feet where corruption is concerned. @MariaZest1

If my memory saves well, Undenge was hit with 4 years for 12k. Let’s see the verdict on 5Mil…I tell you if our justice system bluffs on this one. We are under siege. Doomed!!! I cry.


Today he was a little humbler to the camera man. Always cheerful tho, this guy aint scared of being locked up because of his other 3 year jail experience.

Why is he not in remand prison garb? Did Remand Prison Quartermaster run out of the garb or they don’t have size for Sir Chivhayo? @Tau_Moyo

This guy is weird, not class at all wonder why the likes of @GeniusKadungure they don’t tolerate him. He is a disgrace to all rich people, a shady dealer l hope the justice system see up to it for he abused public funds. @simbabzw

Publicity stunt anobuda uyu very soon otowana big tenders. Team takuriziva iri. @progressivezim

This guy is prepared to face jail and keep his money. Watch the space. @CriselChikore

Chivayo pliz kna zvri zveshuwa fira mujeri namkoma wako gumbura kutu wemunhu.


Once a jail bird always a jail bird you can point a finger but that won’t help gumbura awaits you @zulukandaba65

McDee Rufuz Knox Is a crook he must rot in jail

John Mokwetsi Anobuda uyo….u can buy any politician in Zimbabwe. Hapana nyaya apo

Ronald Mubayiwa Wapedza Rasta , we have been through this road so many times . Same path to the garden, we aren’t amused at all. Mahumbwe chaiwo ,kuedza kunyengedza pwere .

Forward Nyanyiwa Elections are over cde. Don’t you know the winner ??

Garikai Chitsanzo Goremusandu Warasika Wikinero akasungwa senhau yekuudza vanhu kuti tobata veuori …Let me school you it just a stunt like what happened to Undenge nezuro ndaiva naye paAmbassador.It is just a ruse to hoodwink gullible and unsophisticated people. A red flag was raised about Wikinero but nothing happened…it is a stunt

Forward Nyanyiwa Kkkkkkkkk ngaafire imomo. Tommorw mukirai ku police kunobvunza docket renyu

Paradzai Mutandwa why should Chivayo’s arrest be out of the ordinary so much?

Stanslaus Mudavanhu Yaaaa ngaambogarako muchinda uyu indururani chaiyo akaregwa anodonhedza nyika

Melsa Chido Kana Obert achiri outside hapana hapana

Mai Mwendamberi Good news at last

Save Mawarire This makes for good news, BUT it remains just that- news!


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