Widow stays with Madzibaba’s garment in bedroom for 11 months

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Widow stays with Madzibaba’s garment in bedroom for 11 months Belta Chimutuwa (left) hands over garment to Madzibaba Prangadhayi’s wife Murambise.


Arron Nyamayaro

Belta Chimutuwa, 35, lost her husband, Memory Nehumayi, in December last year, and she only removed Madzibaba Passmore Chinovava’s red-and-white garment from her bedroom on Saturday.

Passmore, popularly known as Madzibaba Prangadhayi, had left the garment promising the couple that the cloth had powers to prevent death and cure her ailing husband.

Belta told H-Metro that Madzibaba Prangadhai charged her US$200 for consultation and prayers he conducted.

“Madzibaba Prangadhayi’s garment has been in my bedroom for some months, but it failed to serve its purpose,” said Belta.

Madzibaba Prangadhayi

Vakarisiya vachiti riteye mhepo yakaipa yaikonzeresa murume wangu kuti arware uye kudzivirira kuti asafe.

“My husband never changed until he passed on at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals in December last year.

“I was emotionally affected by this and I never informed Madzibaba Prangadhayi about my husband’s death.

“We are about to commemorate my late husband’s death this December so I saw it better for him to remove his garment.

Handingarambe ndichigara negemenzi ramadzibaba mumba mangu uye hama dzemurume dzikariwona dzinotii nazvo?

“Apart from the garment being removed, I also expect a refund since nothing helped from prayers he conducted,” said Belta.

Sensing danger, Madzibaba Prangadhayi sent his wife, only identified as Murambise, to remove the garment.

Belta, instead, removed the garment and handed it over to Murambise.

She took Murambise to Borrowdale Police Station where they received counselling.

Madzibaba Prangadhayi confirmed leaving his garment at the house.

“I have many garments to distribute as part of my prayers,” said Madzibaba Prangadhayi.

“In this case I left the garment at her house when she consulted me for prayers.

“I last heard that her husband was admitted, but never heard about his death.

“There is no refund at all since US$60 was for consultation.

“I sent my wife to collect the garment because I had two patients to attend to in Arcadia and Westgate,” said Madzibaba Prangadhayi.

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