Wife caught pants down

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Wife caught pants down


9 November 2016


A KUWADZANA man got the shock of his life after he found his wife having sex with another man in their matrimonial bedroom.

Munyaradzi Maware could not stomach the pain and vented his anger on wife Paidamoyo Nyika, hitting her with an iron bar forcing her to seek refuge with the police.

Maware was arrested and taken to court answering to allegations of physical abuse.

He came clean and admitted to the charge when he appeared before Mbare magistrate Tafadzwa Miti.

He was slapped with US$80 fine, failure of which attracts 20 days in prison.

Maware only challenged claims that he bashed Nyika with an iron bar, saying he only used a whip.

“Your Worship, when I came back home I caught my wife red handed sleeping with another man in our matrimonial home and this did not go well with me

“I could not control myself but when I assaulted her, I did not use an iron bar as she claims but I used a whip,” said Maware.

In response Nyika insisted Maware assaulted her several times using both a whip and an iron bar.

“He used both a whip and an iron bar to assault me and as we speak my back is swollen,” she said.

Circumstances leading to the arrest of Maware are that on November5 he came home around 11pm and found his wife sleeping with another man in their matrimonial home.

He could not contain his emotions and he assaulted Nyika who sustained some injuries.

Richard Makondo appeared for the State.

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