Mathew Masinge

A ZIMBABWEAN woman, who has been living in South Africa, committed suicide after she was caught in bed with her husband’s workmate last week Wednesday.

In a viral video, the woman, only identified as Mai Aisha, was caught in bed with a man who was only identified as Madzibaba.

The two lovebirds received a thorough beating from Baba Aisha and his friends, who pounced on the duo, following a tip-off.

Baba Aisha is heard saying his workmate left their workplace claiming he wanted to buy cement.

Mai Aisha claimed Madzibaba was only in the house to fix a light.

She committed suicide the following day.

“I assaulted her when I caught her with my friend.

“We talked about her cheating and agreed that she goes back kumba kwavo, I then booked her a bus ticket but found her dead when I came back from work.

Mai Aisha’s body

“I saw an empty bottle and a note by her side saying she (swallowed) the poison, I don’t know where to start now,” said Baba Aisha.

Mai Aisha’s body lay lifeless on the floor, covered by a blanket, as Baba Aisha narrated his tale.

“Handizive Satan akabata sei but hasha, munongozivavo kuti semunhu anenge akaroora, I was not supposed to do that, kana wakabvisa pfuma unenge warwadziwa.

“We haven’t told her parents because ndikutoshaya pekutangira,” he said.

Mai Aisha has left behind her five-year-old daughter, who is staying with her grandmother.

“I didn’t beat her but I wanted her to go back home, she was going with the DC Bus, which travels on Wednesday.”

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