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28 May 2018

‘. . . Hairdressers buying for $10’

HARARE has been rocked by a syndicate of thieves who snatch women’s wigs in the CBD.

It has also emerged the syndicate works in cahoots with hairdressers who buy them for resale.

The new ‘breed’ of thieves have gone unpunished as many take them for vagrants yet they are just thieves preying on women who would have left the salons for hairdo.

H-Metro has established that wigs on demand comprise Peruvian hair, Mongolian hair, Sankita, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair among other expensive synthetics.

A survey conducted by H-Metro also revealed that the thieves dress shabby to look like street kids as a way to escape instance justice.

The alleged involvement of hairdressers has prompted ladies to avoid using areas like Julius Nyerere Way, Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Cameron Street, Angwa Street and Nelson Mandela Avenue just but to mention a few.

Four hairstylists plying their trade at Ebony Salon along Julius Nyerere Way confirmed the issue.

“Yes such issues have been happening and it seems the syndicate keeps on growing.

“People are accusing street kids of such behaviour yet these are normal young men who come to town shabbily dressed to masquerade as street kids who snatch wigs for resale.

“Another thing which shows that some hairdressers are involved is the fact that it’s difficult for men to differentiate between a wig and a weave.

“I think female hairdressers have a case to answer on this issue because reports say these kids are selling wigs they snatch to our co-workers,” said one hairdresser who preferred anonymity.

She added:

“Sometimes it’s out of jealousy as women. I might be having a fellow neighbour or friend whom I know has a Peruvian wig and I want it also, ndinongotuma vakomana vonditorera.

“These guys are snatching hairpieces varying from $250-$300 and then sell them for about $10-$15.

“Kana yauya toiputsa toichinja shade in a way yekut ukaiona tichiitengesa unoidarika asi iriyako.”

One of the most sought after male hair dressers in the city known for doing nice closures, Ganja confirmed the case and urged ladies to resort to tightened elastics or stick to weaving.

“Young boys are taking advantage of women’s purchase of expensive hair extensions to make money.

“Most women are still in darkness that they are these hairdressers sending boys to snatch their wigs.

“We have three reports of women who fell prey to these so-called street kids last week and it’s so said,” he said.

He added:

“I therefore urge ladies to reject wigs with loose elastics for hairdressers may be deliberately doing it to achieve their goals.

“I also think it’s now wise to get your wig pinned tight to freehand lines to avoid such incidents or else motongoitwa ma weave.”

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