Will army sides survive relegation?

Curtworth Masango

BLACK RHINOS and Cranborne Bullets are facing a battle against relegation in the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League.

They have spent much of the season in the relegation zone.

Two-time league champions Rhinos are set to face Bulawayo Chiefs at Bata Stadium on Saturday.

Club vice-chairman, Edward Mutukwa, still believes they will beat the chop.

“The way we are playing and how results are eluding us is even a surprise to many,” he said.

“I believe that against Highlanders we could have walked away with a draw but, unfortunately, we lost the match.

“It’s there for everyone to see that the team has gained stability and the boys are now playing with composure.

“I believe it’s now just a matter of luck before we start winning games.

“I understand we are down but not out, we are here to still compete and we believe that it can be done.”

He added:

“I believe the team has now adapted to playing at Bata and soon will be posting good results.

“Many could have written us out but we are not bowing out without a fight and we believe, with a little bit of luck, we will surprise many.”

Cranborne Bullets face Chicken Inn at the weekend.

Coach Nesbert Saruchera said:

“We progressed well in the past two games.

“We have managed to collect four points in the last two games and we are hoping to keep the momentum as we go into this week’s game.

“We are going on a positive note although we understand Chicken Inn are a good team.

“We believe as a club we are going to finish strongly as we want to move up the ladder.”

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