Will writing is important

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Will writing is important


THE media is awash with reports of spouses and relatives who are at loggerheads over estates left behind by deceased persons.

Some of the disputes have been settled in court while some have been violent and even gruesome.


There have been tragic events over estates, gruesome murders, houses and property being burnt to ashes and innocent children suffering the effects of these fights as the proverbial grass stamped on by two fighting elephants.


Every other week, there are debates over estates, fights over who deserves what and who is the rightful owner of what.


And yet, a simple solution could have been provided by the deceased – writing a will.


As opposed to telling people how you want your property to be distributed in the unfortunate event of your death, you can easily put it in writing and ensure that everything is in black and white and no one can argue upon your signed will.


An affidavit costs very little money and that piece of paper can safeguard your family’s future and protect your children for the rest of their lives.


Shakespeare said “All that lives must die,” in his play the Merchant of Venice and in Julius Caesar he wrote; “Death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”


We must read his counsel and know that we shall die.


Understandably, it is not easy to sit down and write down what should happen after you are dead. It is weird and feels like planning your own death but the fact is death is “a necessary end” and even if we try to ignore it, it will pounce on us one day.


And the worst thing about death is its unpredictability. Someone may reason that they are too young to write a will because death does not seem like a reality to them.


But on your way home you can be involved in a fatal accident and there will be no one to take care of your child the next day.


You cannot even stop your greedy uncle from coming to claim the house you built for your children. You cannot stop that uncle and his brothers from taking your cars and sharing them amongst themselves whilst your lovely wife looks on, powerless.


Your sons will fight for your property and turn into murderers overnight because you refused to accept the fact that you could die.


Such is the ignorance behind one’s failure to write a will.


Writing a Will is important for everyone regardless of wealth, marital status, or age.  A Will allows you to ensure that your possessions will be distributed as you wish because if   you die without a Will, you have no control over the distribution of your estate.

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