‘Winky D, Jah Prayzah comparisons expected’

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‘Winky D, Jah Prayzah comparisons expected’ Jah Prayzah


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

COMPARISONS between Winky D and Jah Prayzah are expected but the current stalwarts of Zim Showbiz scene are running different races.

Ninja president’s manager Jonathan Banda cleared the air ahead of the two giants’ much-anticipated double slated for HICC this evening.

Winkys manager Jonathan Banda (right) and Jah Prayzah manager Keen Mushapaidze

Hordes of fans from the two camps will have to catch all the action from HICC auditorium online via Gate Music Live Stream in partnership with Kayse Connect.


However, a few selected service providers and VIP guests will be afforded an opportunity to watch the live action at the Rainbow Towers tonight in observation with the Covid-19 restrictions.

Winky D

But it should be mentioned that the attention would be on Winky D and Jah Prayzah who always divide opinions.


And Banda being Winky D’s manager who had had enough of the comparisons between the two, said:

“Personally, I think it’s within their right to compare; we can’t put restrictions on people.


“It all depends on people and I will leave that to the people but typically.”


Asked how the two artistes – Jah Prayzah and Winky D – complemented each other, Banda was blunt.


“Typically, I feel every man is his own man and no one has tried to be the other so far, not to my knowledge.


“To the best of my knowledge none has tried to be the other everyone is his own many travelling his own path, looking in his own plate,” he said.


Like most artistes in the mainstream with a big number of people depending on lives shows, Banda said they were not spared by the effects of the Covid-19.


“Covid-19 has affected us  in the worst way possible;  we never thought we would be  in the situation like this in our life time.


“We never thought things would come to this end,” he added.


Jah Prayzah and Winky D’s double comes at a time when the two  household names are trending on social media for their release.


Jah Prayzha boasts of a series of beautiful videos and latest single Porovhoka which he deemed meaningless yet it appeals to fans.


His counterpart Winky D released three singles namely Ragga Musambo,Reply and David  and Goliath.


Winky D’s diehard fans had already endorsed his single before their  official reels while Jah Prayzah’s fans can’t wait for the big night the two stalwarts of local showbiz will square off.


However, level-headed arts critics reckon that merry-makers and the showbiz sector are the biggest winners in this case.


Owing to the duo exploits and creative edge, the Best of Both Worlds double has since been endorsed by merry-makers who have been longing for this combination over the years.


Had it not been for the Covid-19 restrictions, this show would be idea for a stadium venue owing to the demand it has created in the past weeks.


So appealing is the double that fans have been desperately itching to attend the how and be part of the VIP fans in the auditorium.




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