Winky D my only rival: Seh Calaz

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Winky D my only rival: Seh Calaz Seh Calaz with ZTN's The Couch crew


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…Soul Jah Love wanted attention

Zim dancehall chanter Seh Calaz said Winky D was his only rivalry when he kissed the lime light about six years ago.

Boss Yalla, as the chanter is fondly known in the music circles, made these claims on Wednesday during an interview at ZTN popular programme, The Couch.

The Mbare bred chanter said his target was Winky D not Soul Jah Love and described him as someone who sought attention as well as sympathy from Vigilance family fans.

“Sauro akangohakira nyaya isiri yake, aingotsvagawo attention.

“He wanted sympathy from Winky D’s fans by dissing me.

“Look at that time Winky D was way ahead of me and honestly it was pointless to have a lyrical war with Sauro.

“Winky D aiva munhu muhombe kwandiri so kutoita fight with Soul Jah Love it meant ndakutodzokera kumashure.

“I didn’t have any problem with Jah Love but iye ndiye akangonditanga achitotsvagawo mbiri,” he said.

Boss Yalla also said Winky D has also kissed the lime light with disses after he was involved in lyrical confrontation with the likes of Bad man and Daddy D among others.

“Our genre is associated with fights, look Winky D akatopindawo nemadiss aipisa ana Bad man.

“So it’s not new, the good thing is to maintain level and also being creative in order to sustain in the industry which is characterised with a lot of competition.

“Every chanter gets an opportunity yekurira but chakakosha is to remain humble and hardworking,” he said.

The Mumota Murikubvira singer also acknowledged that the likes of Enzo and the new crop of chanters are doing well in the industry.

“The young generation is doing well and varikurira just like we did six years ago but I want to remind them that zvinopera with time.

“We have been there and it’s now a different case.

“As an entertainer I try by all means to work on something every day.”

Boss Yalla who recently opened a recording studio Yalanation in Mbare said the studio is meant to benefit talented artistes for free.

“We have many young chanters who cannot afford studio time so we have decided to open the studio to make them benefit.

“We also want to end drug abuse and other anti-social behaviour,” he said.






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