Wisdom follows roots

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Wisdom follows roots


19 January 2019

FORMER CAPS United star player Wisdom Mutasa says he joined Manica Diamonds to follow his roots.

Mutasa, who is originally from Mutare, signed a one-year deal with the Premiership newcomers.

“I decided to join Manica because I thought it was necessary to play for a team from my home town.

“I come from Mutare so I just had to take the offer from Manica since my contract at CAPS had expired.

“It’s so much fun and you will have that home pride playing for a team like that.

“Home is always the best,” he said.

For someone who once played for big teams like FC Platinum, Dynamos and CAPS United, Mutasa says he doesn’t regret joining a newly promoted team.

“I think I made the right move for my career. And I am happy about my decision.

“The other reason I crossed is the team is organised. The way they do business is professional.

“I don’t even regret this decision because I am okay here,” he said.

Regarding his stay at CAPS under Coach Lloyd Chitembwe, he said:

“CAPS are a big team and I learnt a lot there.

“I learnt a lot of things like how to handle pressure and I think that has helped me develop as a player.

“My stay there was amazing; I was also given a chance to prove myself as a player. But in life one has to make changes or improvements, but overall I had a great time at Makepekepe.”

Mutasa said he is looking forward to a great season.

“I am hoping to have a good season as I begin my journey with my new team.

“My aim is to score more than ten goals and I also wish to be on the calendar.

“I want to do better than what I did last season and contribute to the targets of Manica,” he said.

He added:

“My target for the team is to make sure that we finish in top four.

“As a player and someone who loves the team I will try and do all I can to make sure that we reach that target.”

He also spoke about his relationship with coach Luke Masomere.

“Coach Luke is like a father to me. He is someone I respect and someone I look upon to.

“I am just looking forward to maintain a great relationship with him and to learn a lot from him since I am someone who still has a lot to learn in this career,” he said.


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