Woman accused of assault

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Woman accused of assault


Praise Mabuto, Court Reporter

A CITY man is at odds with his ex-girlfriend who he accuses of assaulting and humiliating him in public.

Simon Mutumwa has told the Harare civil court magistrate Nyasha Marufu that his ex-girlfriend Melody Muzeze is assaulting him.

“We broke up in September 2018. Since then she breaches my peace through insults, assaults, swearing, harassing, destroying my property, and death threats.

“She is coming to my work place to humiliate me with vulgar words.

“The last time she came and assaulted me in public.

“I do not want her to come to my place of residence and my workplace as well,” said Mutumwa.

Mutumwa also told the court that his ex-girlfriend is threatening to kill him and his new lover.

“My new lover is now threatening to break up with me if she continues with her habit since she is be scared of her.

Responding to the allegation Muzeze said she is his wife and she never conducted any actions above mentioned.

“He is my husband but we are on separation as we are having some problems.

“I was advised by my friends to use waist beads and when he saw them he ran away from home.

“He only feared the waist beads.

“He started doubting me suspecting me of doing witchcraft which led him to run away from home,” said Muzeze.

Muzeze also told the court that she was carrying his child.

“When he left home l was not aware that I was pregnant and he is denying paternity.

“I want him back home,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Marufu stood down the matter.

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