Woman accuses hubby of blocking her from working

Faith Mandizha

A KUWADZANA woman claims her husband is blocking her from working.

She has dragged him to the Harare Civil Court.

Anotida Gatawa told the court that she was offered a job at Chicken Inn but her husband, Philemon Machadu, is blocking her from working.

“He blocks me from going to work and school, I just want to empower myself, he has been threatening to abandon me and our kids.

“Sometimes, he chases me from our home and insults me, that’s why I want to do things on my own and have something under my name just in case he leaves me for another woman.”

Philemon denied the accusations saying he loves his wife and has done everything in his power to get a job for Anotida.

“I started a hardware shop for her in our neighbourhood so why does she want to work elsewhere, it’s even in her name but the profits go to support our children’s welfare,” he said

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted the order.

“In this day and age, you’re barring your wife from going to work, you two are supposed to help each other fend for your family rather than you economically abusing her,” the magistrate said.

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