Woman attacks daughter (10) with knife over theft

23 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Woman attacks daughter (10) with knife over theft Margaret Chibvongodze


Arron Nyamayaro
A 10-year-old Waterfalls girl is nursing wounds after she was attacked with a kitchen knife, by her mother, for stealing sweets.

The child’s mother, Margaret Chibvongodze, 29, told H-Metro she was waiting for her salary to enable her to take her daughter for treatment since her step-father does not want to look after her.

“I attacked her out of anger.

“It was her third time stealing sweets from vendors and it annoyed me.

“I am yet to take her for treatment, I’m waiting for my salary,” she said.

Chibvongodze said she was struggling to make ends meet.

“I treated her with salt and betadine and my fears are that the incident might leave me in the hands of the police.

“Reports circulated by my workmates, and my neighbour, accused me of using a knife but the truth is that I used a wooden stick.

“The cut could have been from of an existing injury on her hand and I will visit a pharmacy when I get money.

“My current husband has been unwilling to support the child since her father disowned the pregnancy,” said Chibvongodze.

Her daughter told H-Metro, in her presence, that she was attacked by her mother using a knife.

The child is yet to attend school, due to lack of support, and is also yet to acquire a birth certificate.

H-Metro established that Chibvongodze and her husband were yet to acquire birth certificates for her two other children.

“Yes, all the three children do not have birth certificates,” she said.

“My husband lost his national identity card and is yet to replace it so it is also affecting the acquisition of birth certificates for his two kids.”

Chibvongodze works at a canteen while her husband washes cars at their rented house in Waterfalls.

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