Woman bombards married man with romantic texts, court told

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Woman bombards married man with romantic texts, court told Marvis Mukayi


Maria Chiguvari

A HARARE woman is being accused of sending romantic messages to a married man begging for sex.

Marvis Mukayi yesterday approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a peace order against Elizabeth Chari.

Elizabeth is accusing Marvis of sending messages to her husband.

Marvis, in turn, is also accusing Elizabeth of stalking her at her workplace. She claimed Elizabeth texts insulting messages using crude language.

“She visits my workplace to insult and embarrass me in front of my co-workers.

“She texts crude messages and follows me around like a criminal,” Marvis said.

But, Elizabeth claimed Marvis was having an affair with her husband.

“Yes, it’s true that I texted her after I discovered a romantic message on my husband’s phone. 

“I only went to her workplace to get clarification about her involvement with my husband.

“After confronting her, she denied the whole thing, saying it was her maid sending the texts. 

“I have never followed her, it was only a coincidence,” Elizabeth said.

In her ruling, magistrate Rutendo Machingure granted Marvis the peace order.

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