Woman cheats on convicted hubby

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Woman cheats on convicted hubby


Delight Kabiseni, Court Reporter

AN ex-convict dragged his former wife to court accusing her of committing adultery while he was in jail.

Emmanuel opened up at the Harare Civil Court where he applied for a peace order against his former wife who he said had extra marital affairs whist he was imprisoned.

“Your worship I separated with her when I got released from jail.

“I saw a message in her phone where she was communicating with her boyfriend while I was an inmate.

“She insults me and my elderly parents,” he said.

Emmanuel told the court that Mapfumo had to vacate his place of residence.

“She must vacate from my place of residence since I no longer love her.

“She once alleged that I was having an affair with my sister’s daughter but she later on confessed to my relatives that she was lying.

“I want her to stop insulting me and my parents,” said Emmanuel.

Mapfumo denied allegations levelled against her.

“He is lying. I never had an extra affair whilst he was in jail.

“I never insulted his parents. I give them respects since they are just like my parents.

“His father is the one who insults me saying I bewitched his son since he was not getting employment in South Africa.

“We are not officially divorced, he was ordered by my parents to pay ‘damage’ because he did not pay bride price,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Tafadzwa Miti granted the peace order in Emmanuel’s favour.

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