Woman claims “emergency fees”

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Woman claims “emergency fees”


28 December 2018

A city woman yesterday claimed $180 as maintenance emergency fee for her two minor children.

Ruth Gwenzi had initially made an application for $435 as maintenance for the children she sired with Pardon Chirambadare.

However, Harare magistrate Shellah Nazombe found the claim unrealistic before asking Gwenzi to give a breakdown of her list.

“I want him to pay $60 for the first child, who is now going for ECD B and another $80 towards food and transport.

“The children also require $180 as emergency fee in case their health or other demands arise during the month,” she claimed.

“He is into the stationery business and he makes a lot of money, each month he takes home a salary close to $3 000 and my claim is just peanuts to him.

“He also has other small jobs that he does besides the stationery business,” she told the court.

The presiding magistrate advised Gwenzi to stop anticipating for danger for her child by making a claim for something that might never happen.

In his response, Chirambadare offered $80 towards the upkeep of his minor children.

“Your Worship I can’t afford the money she is claiming and to clear the air, I am just an employee at the stationery company she claims.

“I can only pay $80 for the two children and she is trying to mislead the court by making up this story that I own the business,” he said.

In her ruling, Magistrate Shellah Nazombe, ordered Chirambadare to pay $80 as maintenance with effect from January 31, 2019.

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