Woman demands upward variation

07 May, 2019 - 14:05 0 Views
Woman demands upward variation


Rumbidzai Rambanapasi, Court Reporter

A CITY woman dragged her ex-husband to court seeking an upward variation in foreign currency.

Brenda Makamuri was demanding US$150 from her ex-husband Lovemore Munemo arguing that he had not been devotedly paying maintenance since 2012.

“I want US$150 because he has not been devotedly paying $80 maintenance since 2012.

“Your worship, I have a 1999 maintenance order that he is supposed to maintain me till I die.

“He claims that he used to send me money every month yet it was my son who used to send me through Western Union or Mukuru,” she said.

Makamuri also told the court that she knew that her ex-husband was rich.

“I know that he has got several companies in United Kingdom and his bank account has huge sums of money.”

In response, Munemo told the court that he was taking good care of her and used to send money every month through her son’s account.

“Your worship, she is lying because I give her money through Mukuru or Western Union every month.

“I even use our son’s account to give her money and I don’t know why I was dragged to court,” he said.

Magistrate Tafadzwa Miti postponed the matter to May 7.

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