Woman demands us$760, gets us$100 for maintenance

17 Mar, 2023 - 00:03 0 Views
Woman demands us$760,  gets us$100 for maintenance Shylet Munganatsa


 Kundainashe Chimbi

A HARARE woman demanded US$760 maintenance from her ex-husband for their four children.

Shylet Munganatsa told the court she wanted US$190, per child, from her ex-husband, Kurauone Mugwagwa.

“I am claiming US$190 per child for four children. 

“He is neglecting the needs of our children and I do not know where he is staying,” she said.

Mugwagwa offered US$30 per child for two children, saying that the other two were no longer minors.

“I will give her US$60 for only two children because the other two are above 18 years.

“I will pay school fees, buy uniforms and pay rentals here and there.

“It is true that she doesn’t know my place of residence because her brother threatened to assault me,” he said.

Munganatsa rejected the offer and told the court that last year she spent a month staying outside because rent hadn’t been paid.

“He is irresponsible, and visits the children after three months,” she said.

Magistrate Dhlamini ordered Mugwagwa to pay US$100 plus school fees directly to the school.

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